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Zenith Antique Console Radio

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Antique Zenith Radio

    This antique console radio appears to be a Zenith. It is made out of wood and has a panel that opens to reveal the radio controls. (See Photos)

    I think it is beautiful.

    According to a 1947 ad that I found for sale, this is a Zenith Model 12H090 radio-phonograph. I would guess that the panel on the left is a phonograph. I have not been able to open it. Click here to see the ad.

    (Model Information Photos) (FM Armstrong Photos)

    I initially thought "FM Armstrong System" might refer to brand, but I now think it is a generic term that acknowledges the inventor of FM Radios. (Read about Ewin Armstrong)

    The Zenith Wave Magnet seems to be a component of the radio.  I think it may be an antenna system.  (Photos)

    I do not know if it works or not.  I am kind of ignorant, and kind of a chicken.  I do not know if I could cause problems with an old radio like this by plugging in, so I am not willing to try.

    I took photos of this console radio to an antique store in Yucaipa CA, because I had been told by other dealers in the area that she bought old radios and record players.  She said that this radio was not old enough for her.  She identified it as being post World War II, probably late 40's.  She is only interested in pre-WWII items.

    Are any of you aware of sources of info on antique radios like this?  

    Do you know of  individuals or dealers who might be interested in this radio?  Do you have an idea of its value?  Please contact me at

    If you know about this type of radio, I would love to hear from you.  

    This vintage zenith radio is for sale, of course.  If you are interested in purchasing it, we can set the transaction up through eBay (Why eBay?).   

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radio-a-600-026.jpg radio-a-600-027.jpg radio-a-600-028.jpg radio-a-600-029.jpg radio-a-600-030.jpg
radio-a-600-031.jpg radio-a-600-032.jpg radio-a-600-033.jpg radio-a-600-034.jpg radio-a-600-035.jpg
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radio-a-600-046.jpg radio-a-600-047.jpg radio-a-600-048.jpg radio-a-600-049.jpg radio-a-600-050.jpg
radio-a-600-051.jpg radio-a-600-052.jpg radio-a-600-053.jpg radio-a-600-054.jpg radio-a-600-055.jpg
radio-a-600-056.jpg radio-a-600-057.jpg radio-a-600-058.jpg radio-a-600-059.jpg radio-a-600-060.jpg
radio-a-600-061.jpg radio-a-600-062.jpg radio-a-600-063.jpg radio-a-600-064.jpg radio-a-600-065.jpg
radio-a-600-066.jpg radio-a-600-067.jpg radio-a-600-068.jpg radio-a-600-069.jpg radio-a-600-070.jpg



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